Low-Spend June: Day 5

Heading into day five and thinking about filling in some blanks with food these next couple weeks.

One lasagna down, one still in the freezer.

Pork tenderloins gone, but provided two generous dinners, so yay.

Two chicken enchilada casseroles, still in the freezer.  Moving one to fridge to defrost.  I’d love to grab a bag of chips and some avocados so I can serve guac with it.

Lots of taco meat still in the fridge…more burritos plus a Taco Tuesday this week.

Ribs that I defrosted a few days ago…I really want to braise them all day.  Hoping to get them in the oven early this morning for Monday night’s dinner.

We’re getting low on bread, so I’m baking this week.  Younger daughter is NOT happy about having homemade bread for sandwiches, so I hope I can find a good recipe she likes.  I’m planning to make scones and muffins as well, so hopefully there will be some love for that.

I got two packages of uncured beef hot dogs ($2.50 each!) and they’ll need homemade buns.  I can do this!

I found a recently purchased LARGE can of canned chicken in the pantry.  If I can dig up an avocado or two, we LOVE chicken salad with avocado.  No bread needed!

We’re also getting low on produce.  I’m planning on taking advantage of double ad day at Sprout’s this Wednesday.  They’re having $1.77/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts (I have cheap salad dressing to use as marinade and we LOVE grilled chicken), $3.99/lb 90% lean ground beef (think: burgers on homemade buns) and grapes will be 77 cents per pound.  They also have a few other produce deals, and I’ll pick up lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower (77 cents per pound…great deal) and a few other things.  I haven’t set a budget for this shopping trip yet.  I’m thinking something in the $50-60 range would be reasonable and will get us enough produce to last several days, plus chicken and beef to fill out the menu for the first half of June.

Exciting to think that we’re already 5 days in, and 10 days away from payday again.  I did my best to pay bills ahead this month, which leaves the checking account lighter than I’m used to, but also removes the stress of worrying about leaving enough money for bills whilst buying everything everyone wants, food included.




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