Low-Spend Day: June 7

I was pretty good today.  I went to Fry’s, where I spent $63 on groceries/household/personal.  This included stocking up on 24 bottles of Powerade (44 cents each for the 30oz and it’s the ONLY thing that really works when I get really bad headaches), some sparkling water (six 88 cent bottles), body wash ($1.50 each for 22oz) and some cheap make-up.  I needed a new mascara and found waterproof for $1.57/tube.  I got three since I really should replace that stuff monthly. especially as a contact lens wearer.  I got a powder I needed ($4), a clearance lip gloss ($1.59), two new 99 cent eye liners (those things really do dry out and get impossible to work with over time!) and a couple clearance make-up brushes for a few dollars.  I also got Goldfish crackers (kid snack), Mint Milanos (mom snack) and a roast (huge sale…it was only $6) and some chicken to marinate/grill because I’m craving it.  I put back sushi, fresh flowers and a cake (yes, I was having a stressful day…) because those things definitely were not justifiable in any way.

At Dollar Tree I got paper towels, a big bowl to keep ice in (it’s all over the freezer, since we buy bagged and it doesn’t like to stay in the bags) and a few packages of candy for an upcoming movie visit.  That trip was only $8.

I picked up some prescriptions ~ $5.82 for three generics.

We ate lasagna #2 today, and yesterday, I had to toss both chicken enchilada casseroles.  Long story but my plan of letting the rice cook in all that extra moisture my casseroles seem to generate, did not work.  :/


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