Low-Spend June: Day 12

Katie goes to drama camp a few times a year…just a week of full days of camp at our local community theater.  She loves it.  Our splurge has been the breakfasts, which would have been less expensive if hubby and I had the willpower to NOT also get a breakfast item, but alas…we’re weak.  Since we have to leave the house early and she’s been staying up too late (summer break), I decided to let the breakfast splurges live on…it’s a special treat for her.  This week also begins our 4 hour per evening Shrek rehearsals, and I’ve been wiped during the day so haven’t done as much cooking as I’d like, but I’m trying.

Today we did McD’s and Dakota was along for the ride, so we spent $10 on food for the three of us.  Shamefully, we had Taco Bell later in the day for $9.54.  Less than $20 isn’t too bad, right?  Things always start to break down when we’re extra busy.  I did make a real dinner, thankfully!


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