Low-Spend June: Day 14

I spent $102 at JoAnn this AM.  I didn’t NEED to make my own costumes for our show, but being larger, hard to fit, etc. I decided I’d feel better if I did.  I have been planning to make costumes for the ren faire and every year I don’t start in time…so I want to do this anyway…the timing just isn’t ideal being I’m trying not to spend if it’s not necessary.

But, did I mention the costumer is finding these costumes rather than making them…and has not yet found anything for me for two of the needed three?  One almost fit but was so tight in the chest that I couldn’t breathe (while it was enormous everywhere else…even on me!) and it was also hideous and scratchy.  She says she has more to try and I told her if she finds something better than what I make, I’ll wear her’s but…I’m thinking mine will be better.

In the past I’ve made my own costumes but I’ve typically thrown them together last minute and didn’t feel like they were sewn well enough to keep. This time I’m starting earlier and I’ll pay attention to detail, and I’ll keep them for future shows and of course the AZ Renaissance Festival!  One is a ren-era peasant dress and one is a ren-era gown…both will be used again and again between Halloween, ren faire and plays.  I chose comfortable fabrics that I won’t mind wearing. Definitely not a dire need but a want/need and something that WILL be used a lot.  The show opens in 8 days and it’s majorly stressing me out that I’m still “hoping” that two suitable costumes will appear for me.

And in regard to my total…I shopped sale fabrics and used a 20% off coupon on top of sales and for the ones that weren’t on sale…those were ones I chose because they’re already affordable.  I remember panne velour when it was $2.99/y…now it’s $6.99/y and one of the least expensive apparel fabrics I found.  Stretchy AND fancy-looking is a win-win.  One that I purchased was a 29.99/y eyelet knit that was on sale for $7.99/y…it didn’t ring up that way so I had to “fight” for the deal, but I did.  I used $1.99/y sale muslin for the body of my peasant dress…it’s a tea-dyed color and so nice for the price!  I did not buy the trim yet though…that will be another expense.

Breakfast ~ $12 at Jack.

Post-camp snack since we had to go straight from camp to music and I didn’t think to bring anything ~ $7.

Post-music, pre-rehearsal dinners because I didn’t think or have time for an alternative ~ $19.

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