Low-Spend June: Day 16

Needed another grocery run, and got a great unexpected haul!  I went to Safeway to pay our power bill (they have a kiosk and it’s the only way to pay it electronically currently) and I decided to browse around.  I’d heard Safeway had sweet corn for 5 cents an ear, but I couldn’t find that.  I did find grapes for 75 cents per pound.  I found the real deals in the meat, dairy and frozen departments.  I got three big packs of chuck tender steaks, buy 1, get 2 free.  Deal…24 steaks for $18.  I got ice cream for 2 for $5, a huge bag of chicken nuggets for $5, Mini Corn Dogs for $5, Power Ade for 44 cents (I already stocked up for the same price last week but bought six more), 3# bags of chicken breasts for $5 each, 3.5# of 93% lean ground round for $13, three huge beef marrow bones (this would be great for stock but I bought them for our dogs!) for $5, two pounds of bulk sausage for $4, two packs of breakfast sausage for $6, etc.  My total was $107 including tax, and the $5 bouquet of flowers I bought for K’s drama camp performance.  Two milks at $1.89 each, a $2.49 bottle of cleaner and a treat for me…chocolate milk, was also to be had.  Oh, and hot dog buns for tonight’s dinner because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make homemade…they were only $1.25.   I still need butter and eggs (will do Sam’s Club for those) but I’m set for the next week or so.  On $100ish.  Kind of mind-blowing to the queen of the $1500/month grocery budget…  This month I’m spending closer to $150/week or so!

In terms of actual meals, the steak will cover three dinners.  The chicken will cover two, with leftovers.  The bulk sausage will create sausage gravy for two breakfasts and the link sausage will cover two breakfasts.  The ground beef will be 2-3 meals…I’m planning burgers, meatloaf and albondigas soup.  The corn dogs and chicken nuggets are lunches/snacks/fast grabs, hot dog buns are for a meal of hot dogs and sweet corn (that I already have).

One thing I noticed shopping Safeway for the first time in a long time…their prices are VERY high.  I only purchased things on steep sale.  I saw many items that were twice as expensive than I normally pay at Walmart or Fry’s (Kroger).  Keeping an eye on prices is key to finding the deals. 🙂

Groceries ~ $107
Breakfast ~ $10.36
Lunch/Snacks for K’s last day of camp ~ $8


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