Low-Spend July: Day 1

Wow, de ja vu!  Haha…here we go again.  New month, another chance to do better.

Hubby and I went to brunch this AM…had a great time and it was $30 after tip.

We went to Auto Zone and got a fuel injection cleaner for my truck and a couple light bulbs he needed for a project.  This was $12.

I shipped two dolls and a doll wig; one sold last week so it’s a June thing, but the wig and the other was sold through Mercari and I won’t get paid till they’re delivered, so that’s a July thing, I guess. I’m expecting about $80 of income.  I have someone scheduled to buy a dresser for $40 and a desk for $60…if they both come and pay full price, that’s $100 and will go to hubby to be his July “allowance.”

The $100 deposit for our 2017/18 theater tickets hasn’t cleared yet, so I guess that’s now a July thing.  I also owe another $70 in July for our August show.  (This program consists of two tickets ~ for K and I ~ to West Side Story, Cinderella, Annie, School of Rock and Les Mis, most at ASU Gammage and a couple at Mesa Arts Center.  We go through a ticket broker who does a payment plan and our tickets range from $17-56 each.  One of my goals for 2017 was to take K to more live theater, and after a huge debacle getting J a pair of Book of Mormon tickets as a grad gift, I decided to go through this broker.  Not quite ready to take the plunge into season tickets at ASU Gammage…so this seems like a good first step!)

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but not a terrible start to the new month.  I’m off to make homemade pizza…had a hankering and this way is sooooo much less expensive than even $5 pizza!



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