Low-Spend June: Recap

I feel guilty but I gave up keeping a daily accounting of June’s spending. Everything seemed to go to hell in a handbasket by the 18th and I lost my motivation to blog about it daily. We received June’s 3rd check on the 29th and unfortunately I’m not currently feeling like we got “extra” money.

We had a $735 A/C repair on June 18th and if not for that, I think I would have felt more like there was extra cash flow. Of course I did pay it without taking money out of an emergency fund or savings account, but it was still a “meh” feeling for me. Especially since $480 of that was for refrigerant and the charge doesn’t seem to have helped our electricity consumption or the humidity in the house. We had a drain line cleared as well and they charged us extra for that (last year it was included in the service call), and it’s already clogged again, so we’re hoping they’ll come back at no charge and unclog it again.  I keep asking myself how this happened since our system (which leaks, we know) was doing pretty well other than freezing up once on a 120 degree day.  It’s not like it was broken.  I think maybe we jumped the gun authorizing the charges…we should have thought it all through, in hindsight.

We also had a rather large expenditure at Kohl’s getting bras and undergarments needed for our play (so we can change without privacy) and that little side-trip ended up being $300.  I’ll spare the details but will say that we both fell in love with silky, thin, soft, long camis that were $28 each and didn’t ring up for the posted sale price of 40% off.  That and the fact that I found a new bra style I fell in love with, and I bought K six new tops (her current tops are mostly crap) and there was a sale and a coupon and we’d both lost our sunglasses and found new ones for $13…and that’s how that went.  That went down a few days before the A/C repair.

I worked very hard at avoiding unneccessary spending the rest of the month.  We didn’t buy any more clothing or unneeded things, but we did spend too much on fast food and dining out, as I feared.  I didn’t keep on top of menu planning or cooking the last couple weeks of the show, which I figured would happen, but it won’t help to beat myself up.

I made two grocery trips right at the end of the month.  I spent $200 at Fry’s and $150 at Winco and between those two trips, that includes ten days of meat, eggs, butter, bread (so cheap at Winco and the family still hates my sandwich bread!) and milk.   I also spent $25 at Dollar Tree (paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, tissues, shampoo/conditioner, etc.).

I paid the mortgage with June’s last check, and also paid the other bills due the first half of the month.  I’m planning to continue our “low-spend” habits through July as well.  I am considering keeping this up through the end of the year to see where it takes us, because one month with a couple BIG fails doesn’t feel like it’s helped much.  BUT…as I told my oldest son when he was begging me for a loan to buy a used computer (he already has two great PCs) it’s important to try to be a good steward of one’s finances.  That’s what I’m trying to do…far from perfect, but there’s hope!

I did sell one more doll and a wig, but prices are down and I only bought in $95 for both.   That brings my total to about $500, for my side hustles.  I ended up spending the $150 from the furniture I sold; I used $100 of it toward our electric bill and $50 to pay for our dinner out with cast members after our last show.

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