Low-Spend July: Day 2

Today’s spending was very low, which is nice, right?  We needed two 27.5″ bike tubes with Presta valves for Jake’s bike (Tom rode it through thorns and the tubes were shot), and $18 was the cheapest price with tax.

We also dropped $200 at the SRP machine, which gives us roughly 12 days of electricity.  Since this is a fixed expense and not discretionary at all, I don’t count it toward “spending.”  We have to have A/C and we can’t tolerate setting it at a higher temp to save money.  Typically we’re at 74 in the summer.  We’ve experimented up to 78 degrees and it only saves a couple dollars a day, and we’re MORE miserable, so we just suck it up and pay that $60 extra per month.

I cooked up drumsticks I bought last week, and am marinating chicken breasts to grill tonight.  We’ll be having corn on the cob and pasta salad (boxed) with the chicken for dinner.  I have two packages of beef that were “sell by” July 1, but have discolored ominously.  I’ll be opening them up and deciding whether or not they’re still edible.  One’s a tri tip and the other a package of petite sirloin steaks.  If the meat is still good, I’ll cube the steaks and pressure cook them to make beef veggie soup later this week ~ why I crave soup when it’s a million degrees, I don’t know!  And I’ll  pressure cook the tri tip and brown it on the grill, and slice it for sandwiches for the coming week.  We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches and I’m already bored of cheap turkey, ham and pastrami.

I need to finsh this week’s meal plan…I have a huge pork loin and two racks of baby back ribs, plus lots of frozen chicken, on hand.

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