Minimalist Kitchen: What do you REALLY need?

I’ve pared my kitchen down a lot over the past several years, and I still have a way to go.  Some changes I’ve made:

Got an Instant Pot and got rid of several slow cookers, my rice cooker, my yogurt maker and my stove top pressure cooker.

Got rid of my huge food processor and blender, and replaced with more compact models that do the job just as well.

Got rid of the huge Keurig and replaced with a small, cheap drip coffeemaker that is light and easy to put away in a cabinet (and doesn’t take up much space).  We are no longer daily coffee drinkers, so this works.

Got rid of the toaster oven.  I just use the regular oven.  I sometimes regret this in the middle of our Phoenix summer, but toaster ovens take up tons of space and are hard to clean.

Got rid of my tea kettles (stove top and electric) and got a water cooler with instant hot water.

Got rid of our Brita pitchers and got aforementioned water cooler.

Got rid of a large 4 slice toaster for a compact 2 slice.

Got rid of a stand mixer…I had two.

I no longer keep any small appliances on the counter, except the the Kitchen Aid mixer, which I use several times a week.  It’s too heavy to move around a lot.

Got rid of the breadmaker…although it’s nice to have the “set and forget” aspect, making bread is just as easy with a stand mixer.

Next stop is paring down silverware, serveware and gadgets.






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