Minimalist Kitchen: What do you REALLY need? Part 2

Minimalist Kitchen, Part 2
My kitchen is pretty roomy but it’s open on 1.5 sides and doesn’t have a lot of wall space which equals not a ton of cabinetry. I’ve learned to continue to minimize so I can live more simply and fight less with my stuff. Several of my drawers were so packed with gadgets and utensils that I couldn’t open them easily, or find anything. I reduced…
~ Two sets of silverware that didn’t match, and didn’t nest well in the organizer. I separated them and kept one. I was able to order a few missing pieces at minimal cost from Amazon, and sold the other set for $20 to offset the cost.
~ Nylon cooking spoons, spatulas, wisks, etc…I got rid of all my least favorites, which allowed me to reduce the overall quantity by 2/3. I kept two large nylon spoons, one large ladle, one pasta spork, two nylon spatulas, one tongs, my BBQ tongs and spatula, two whisks and two rubber spatulas. I had three times that and the rest was just clogging up the drawer. I made $20 selling the excess and I haven’t missed having so many pieces, even though a couple times I’ve had to hand-wash or rinse a utensil when I needed to again right away.
~ I had already reduced colanders but had still kept five for some reason. They nest together but were always strewn around the cabinet they live in, so I got rid of three more and only have two now. I don’t make pasta too often (Katie and I are gluten-free) so I usually use them to strain broth or rinse veggies/fruit.
~ Serving spoons, serving forks, etc….I’d saved every one from every set of silverware we’d ever had over 20+ years, including many passed onto us by my parents and inlaws. I got rid of all of them except the ones that match our current stainless cutlery pattern…and sold them with the silverware.
~ Knives…I had many extra paring knives that I got rid of. I kept just one, along with my other good knives…they all fit on one magnetic strip now, out of the kids’ reach. I sold the extras with the silverware.
~ Spices and condiments….got rid of over half. Most were expired, many used once or never. I try not to buy spices I won’t use regularly and I substitute when I can when making a one-time recipe.
~ I sent the cheap drip coffeemaker to Goodwill. In part 1, I had gotten that to replace our Keurig. The drip one only came out of the cabinet once in three months. Most of our friends don’t drink coffee, I’ve developed an aversion to the taste/aroma and Tom only likes it with a LOT of unhealthy creamer and sugar. I bought a pack of Via for when Jake or Kayla want coffee. I’ve become a big drinker of tea, including roobois and a detox tea I love.
~ I still have two blenders ~ and I use both. I use the single-serve for protein shakes and the regular one for attempts at hummus (it honestly turns out better in my $30 food processor, which is disappointing because I upgraded the blender) and occasional large batches of shakes for the kids.
~ I’m still doing ok with my cheap Walmart food processor (after a few years) but I do wish the bowl held more. It’s 7 cups and one day I’d like to splurge and get a 14 cup model. I also have a mini chopper that I use very rarely, but was a gift from Jake when he was younger, and I find I can’t part with it. It doesn’t take up much space though.
~ We have a double-sided waffle iron that was a present for Dakota years ago because he LOVES waffles I don’t use it a LOT but waffles are one of his favorite things, so it can stay for now.
~ I got rid of our electric griddle. I don’t make pancakes often and a couple large skillets on the stove work just as well.
Stay-tuned for part 3!

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