Today’s Decluttering Challenge: Board Games

We’ve paired these down a LOT over the years.  They used to take up an entire hall closet!  For a few years I kept them on the bookshelves in our family room, but in the interest of reducing visual noise, after we put in our new floors and got the room back together, I felt like I needed to hide them away.  They’ve been packed in a large box ever since, because it took me a while to find a spot.  We cleared out our storage coffee table and our sofa table with all its drawers  (which is against a wall, not a sofa) and moved those items to a storage tub under the bed in the master.  All of this stuff was game consoles, games, game figures, etc.  We never set them back up after the redo, and I love not having game controllers and extra cords all over.  And no one misses playing them…hmmmm.  Anyway,  I made room for games in those drawers and cubbies.  The largest items don’t fit, so they live in the bottom section of the sofa table, which is open and pretty hidden.  It used to look “fun” to me to have all our colorful game boxes displayed on shelves but I’ve since realized, that visual clutter is just another nail in my anxiety-coffin.  🙂


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