TGIF! Happy Friday!

First Friday of August!

My pantry challenge is going well!  We celebrated a birthday yesterday, and I cooked dinner mostly from the pantry.  I did need to pick up a couple of jars of pasta sauce (for my baked ziti, and for K’s gluten-free single serve pizzas she makes) and I bought string cheese, salami and milk.  The milk is obvious.  The string cheese and salami make up my favorite low-carb snack and I’m low-carbing until we leave for our anniversary trip, so I needed to have some on hand or else I’d eat everything else in sight.  I did resist buying more cereal and convenience foods, hoping I can force my family into eating other things to help reduce what we’ve got!  I’ll probably need to buy some produce soon but I’m going to try to skip bread and make homemade rolls instead…they are great for sandwiches and everyone loves the way I make them.

The debit card challenge also is in full-swing ~ no unplanned purchases there because it’s more difficult with the card in hiding.  It’s pretty easy to make plans for payment for *intentional* purchases, and easy to forgo the *unintentional* if there’s no card and you’d have to dip into a small amount of emergency cash.

Kind of a boring day…I didn’t get anything special done and didn’t make any progress on any projects.  I practiced my singing for an audition coming up, and that’s about it, other than basic daily chores.




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