Capsule Wardrobe Update

I finally feel like my capsule wardrobe is SET.  Here’s what I ended up with:

two pair of jeans
six pair of jeggings
six pair of jean shorts
six pair of capri leggings in black and charcoal gray
four pair of workout crops in black and charcoal gray
eight sleeveless tops in dark plum, black, dark gray, burgundry and dark blue
two black dressy tops
three black dresses
one burgundy dress
one black sweatshirt, a burgundy cardigan, a black cardigan
two black bike shorts (two of the dresses are above-the-knee and when it’s windy…)
tall black biker boots
four dark colored bras
one black cami
24 black or burgundy comfy underwear
12 of my older t-shirts, for cleaning/crafting/painting/cleaning/DIY’ing since my other tops are all nice and I don’t want them ruined…all dark colors

As you can see, all the colors are similar enough that I can wash them without worrying about sorting.   I can get everything done in two large laundry loads, so washing and putting away isn’t stressful at all, yet I still have enough clothing that I don’t have to wash more than every weelk to ten days, and I often wear two outfits per day!  It’s been great!  I wash the denims together with the blacks, and do another load for colors.  I can get both loads put away in about 10 minutes.  I highly recommend it.  Next time I have everything clean, I’ll snap some pics or do a video!

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