August Challenge Update: Days 5-7

I love doing updates.  It’s fun ~ more fun when I’ve been “good.”  LOL

I made a Sprout’s run and it was $101.  I used one of the tiny carts and usually I don’t spend as much that way so I was a little disappointed it wasn’t closer to $75 but I guess that was a fantasy.  😉  I did buy six packages of ground grass fed beef, since we have no beef in the freezer and K has been asking for tacos and cheeseburgers.  At $4/pound it was a great deal…I might even go back for more actually since it usually goes on sale for $5-6/pound and I hardly ever see it as low as $4/pound.  I also got eight roma tomatoes, two cucumbers, a small bag of shredded lettuce, six avocados that were 3/$1, one bell pepper, a jar of salsa, $1 worth of green onions,  gluten-free tortillas ($4) and a loaf of GF bread ($4.50) and a few other things.   I had $75 in gift cards so my out of pocket was only $25…not too shabby.  I took my debit card in case I needed to go over $75…which was worth it in light of the ground beef sale.  If I’d left it at home, I would have stayed within that original budget.  Still, I did not buy anything that we already had or could have substituted in my pantry challenge.

A few nights prior, I picked up four cans of chick peas and hubby razzed me, since I don’t NEED to make hummus.  I tried to explain that I was making small exceptions for my healthy eating plan, but he thought I should have waited on the chick peas and made due with the black beans we have.  You CAN make black bean hummus, but I prefer the traditional kind.  I don’t have tahini, and decided to forgo it in my hummus, and that felt like a grand enough sacrifice!

I already ate all but one of the tomatoes…what can I say?  They were small…and very flavorful…much more than usual.  And like I said, it’d be smart to buy more of the beef.  It doesn’t freeze well the way they package it, so I’m deciding how to freeze it.  I am leaning torward making hamburger patties to freeze raw.  I might brown a couple pounds as well, since it’s easy to add to pasta sauce and similar when it’s pre-cooked.  I’m planning on going back for tomatoes and said beef before Wednesday, when the sale ends.  If they are out of the beef (as they usually are) near the end of the sale, I’ll get a raincheck for a future date.




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