Where did August go? And Thrive Update…

I know this is a pattern…but WOW.  I can’t believe it’s August 31st!

My pantry challenge was not as successful as I’d envisioned, but I do definitely see a pretty good dent in what we’ve got hoarded away.  I would say we used about half of what we had when the month began. I shopped way too much still.  Some of it was due to necessary dietary changes (more on that later) and some of it was due to just not having my crap together.  The good news is I’m heading into September with quite a few meals’ worth of meat in the fridge/freezer, and quite a few staples already stocked.  My overall grocery spending in August was down from July, so here’s to getting it down again in September!

My debit card challenge was helpful but I ended up in a tight spot a few too many times and started carrying it again.  I took it out of my wallet a few nights ago and I’m going to try again.

Our oldest bumped her wedding date up to this December, so I’m going to have to be very creative with the holidays this year.  This also means family visiting from out of town, and there are house projects that need to be finished before they arrive.  I wanted to get them finished before the holidays anyway so it’s probably good motivation, but a little stressful.

I found out about 10 days ago that what I thought were recurring UTIs (in spite of repeat negative cultures) were actually irritation because I was spilling a lot of sugar in my urine.  Sadly, in spite of my 25# weightloss, my A1c climbed from 10.5 to 12.1.  I’m not sure what it would have been if we hadn’t discontinued the oral med I was taking (glimepiride) earlier this year, but I’m pretty sure discontinuing that allowed me to lose the weight…so maybe it would have been a wash.  I’m on two new meds…one of them is particularly scary and we’re hoping for more weightloss so that one can be short-term.  It also causes reflux and I’m having a tough time with that.  The other one is very promising for long-term use (it helps reduce the risk of a cardiovascular event) and I’m tolerating it well.

I discontinued Thrive while I adjust to the new meds and my husband figured out that what made me feel so great was the caffeine.  How I wanted to love it and continue to use it, but in the end, I can’t justify the cost if a 3 cent caffeine pill plus vitamins and supplements we already have give me the same effect!  Premier Protein was my go-to shake before Thrive, and it’s got much fewer carbs, so I’m set.  It was a good run, Thrive…but we’re parting ways!

I’m still over-the-moon with my capsule wardrobe and still enjoying the benefits of less space taken up by clean and dirty laundry and less time washing/drying/putting away.  I’m behind on purging/organizing (felt terrible for a few weeks due to the med stuff) but I’m catching up.

See you in September!

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