Body Image?

A friend posted something about how many American women hate their bodies and it got me thinking ~ I really don’t hate my body ~ at least not the way it looks. I might hate the way it works, with all my metabolic issues, PCOS, psoriatic arthritis, asthma, allergies and diabetes. I guess after over 20 years of being in the obese category, I’ve learned that I’m NEVER ever ever going to have a bikini body again, so I don’t even bother comparing myself to people who do or could. I have learned to love my curves and even my flab and cellulite. This body has cocooned four precious children, who were conceived in pure love. It’s also nourished them into toddlerhood with nutritious milk and comforted them with cuddles and hugs. (And still yes on the cuddles and hugs!) My husband loves my body for the same reasons. When we met I weighed 134 pounds (I’m almost 5’5″), wore a size 7/8 and a 34DDD bra. I wasn’t rail thin but he didn’t like skinny girls. But I certainly had a rockin’ body and I certainly DON’T now, but he still sees me simiarly to how I used to be. I guess that’s love for you…because he’s gained about 60 pounds and I still see the original “him” and still love him, and his body, the same…if not more. If he can love my body, I can love my body.


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