Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

I was recently at Costco, where I spent $526 (ouch! it included a huge box of Kirkland brand “Greenies” for the dogs…so more like $500 for the humans!) and I found a lot of great items for K’s lunches.  The best finds must have been individual containers of hummus and guac.  I could make homemade and pack in her Rubbermaid Lunch Blox but she honestly prefers pre-prepared hummus to homemade AND sometimes, I don’t have time to make hummus and/or guac, and homemade guac doesn’t keep well at all.  So we bought both of those.  We got organic tortilla chips, as well as some great healthy breads and some pita bread (for hummus).  We got several different kinds of granola and nuts and crackers and healthy(ish) snack items, as well as maple syrup, almond milk, frozen fruit, veggie burgers, lots of produce ~ fruits and veggies both, etc.  I truly think the fresh items will stretch 7-10-14 days and the rest will last close to a month, if not more.  I love Costco (and Sam’s…Costco has more vegan-friendly choices for sure, but Sam’s has things Costco doesn’t, that I’m not sure I can give up!) but I don’t like to go more than once a month or so.  When I do go, I really really really try to stock up.  The key to making it worthwhile is not letting the fresh items go bad before using them!  This is easier if you don’t buy meat, dairy and eggs…but ya gotta be careful with the fresh produce.  It’s easy to buy more than even a vegan family can eat before it’s past its prime.  Luckily our rats and dogs love most produce, so they get the cast-offs. 🙂

Anyhoo…point to the post being…I’m going to start posting our vegan lunches on my instagram account, so follow me here to see!


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