So I didn’t post for a month…

…but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot (too much!) going on!!!

This year has been one of so many changes!!

Kayla got engaged, moved out, and will be married in December.

Jake turned 18, finally got his license, got his first girlfriend, graduated, decided not to go to college for now, and started working full-time as a computer technician.

Katie and Dakota got leads (Cruella de Ville and Roger) in a play in a town 45 minutes away.  Commuting for rehearsals has been…interesting.  But they are having a great time and doing great!

Katie has decided to go to school full-time.  Outside of the house.  For the first time ever.  The school has excellent fine arts programs and very unique academics ~ I think it’s a good choice for her.  It’s only a few minutes from home and I know a few of the teachers…one very well…it’s a good thing.  But another change.  We’d planned on doing this in two years for ninth grade.  And we made the decision suddenly (three weeks ago) and she starts this week…so yes, it’s sudden and a jolt for both Dakota and I!

I was eating keto and very unhappy, and not feeling well, so I returned to being vegetarian.  Then I did a little more research on dairy and eggs (I was forcing myself to eat eggs daily) and decided to go full-out vegan.  Interestingly, Katie joined me after doing her own research and has not had any Crohn’s break-through symptoms (usually a daily issue) since the first week of eating a vegan diet.  That’s been a huge WOW for us.  Tom and Jake are free to eat what they want when they aren’t home, but I stopped buying meat, dairy and eggs.  Everyone has enjoyed the “new” food I’ve been cooking.  They even like tofu scramble. 🙂

I had an allergic reaction TWICE to one of the new drugs I was using….Tanzeum.  Then I also heard the manufacturer discontinued it AND my insurance denied my appeal to pay for it.  I figured these are signs from the universe that I need to try something else, so I’m waiting for that to get sorted.  The other new drug I’m on (Jardiance) is helping a bit but not as much as both together although I am on the lower of two recommended Jardiance doses. I’m interested to see what happens!

I’ve also lost more weight…down to 209 now.  I was 206 for a day, but it was after a 2 mile brisk walk in 100 degree heat in full sun, so it was dehydration.  LOL

In light of Katie moving to a traditional school and schedule, we finally concluded that this probably is not a good time to buy the travel trailer we’ve been planning to buy come spring time.  We don’t like weekend camping (too crowded) and insurance and storage fees would really add up, so we’ve decided not to buy a trailer.  Renting them is more expensive than a hotel in most circumstances, so we won’t be doing that any longer.  If we don’t need to tow a camper, I don’t really need to be driving a full-sized SUV with a tow package getting between 12 and 18mpg.  I’ve been driving more, doing more fun day trips with the kids (soon to mostly just be Dakota and I…..waaaaaah!!) and I’ve needed to full up as often as twice a week.  Even with gas being so cheap still, it’s too much.  So I’m in the process of getting my Expedition ready to sell and I hope to replace it with a similarly old but low-mileage smaller SUV or crossover.

That is it…all the updates.  😀  For now…




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