I think it’s time…

I have a slew of size 18/20/22 stretchy mom jeans and shorts, from Just My Size.  They’ve basically been my wardrobe staple for years and years.  I had a few size 16 but they fit for about a minute in 2011 and I could never get into them again (skin tight) and I let them go about year ago.  Kicking myself for that.  But I think it’s time to let all those baggy pants, that are falling off of me and have no belt loops.  I’m tempted to try them all on and maybe keep the smallest one or two (“petite” length are smaller all over and I have a couple) but I think it’s probably time to just let them go.  Because they have no belt loops so I can’t use a belt to keep them up, and I feel like wearing totally loose clothing all the time makes it easy to fill said clothing back up through overeating.

Sayonara, pants.  (I’ve already said this to most of my over-sized shirts.)


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