Two hundred and five…

I hit 205 about a week ago but then I gave into temptation and ate way too much Halloween candy.  Two much of it is vegan, I tell you!  I got back up to 207/208 and came down about a pound every-other-day, so now I’m 205 again.  A week isn’t bad, right?  In the past I would have let the binging/gaining throw me off course but I’m stronger than that, and I knew I could get back on track and in the grand scheme of things, a week is nothing, right?

I’ve actually been pretty bad having discovered yummy vegan brownies at a local bakery and I’ve been eating 1-2 of them a day for the past several days.  Oooooops.  I had two for breakfast today and have now sworn off baked goods until Thanksgiving Day!  It’s not that far off…I know I can do it.  Plus fruit tastes so much better when I’m not eating sugar and I’ve been missing fruit!!


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