Bean day results!!!

Bean day!!!

I like to store my drained, cooked beans in quart-sized glass jars in the fridge.  Beans should be refrigerated as soon as they cool enough to handle safely.   They should be used within 2-3 days…anything left at that point can be moved to the freezer.  (Note: If you plan to freeze in mason jars, you must use straight-sided jars or there is a big chance they will break in the freezer.)  It’s ideal to store them in some of their reserved liquid (aquafaba) but I was in a rush and my aquafaba was too hot to handle, so I got the beans in the fridge alone.  I ended up forgetting to refrigerate the aquafaba (running out the door) and had to toss it.  I’ll make another batch of chickpeas today, and I can add that aquafaba to both types of beans for the last couple days of storage.

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