Capsule Wardrobe Update | Two Years In!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I MASSIVELY purged my clothes and went to a simple capsule wardrobr!

I’m 35 pounds lighter than when I started two years ago, and still am losing, so I finally parted with some old, worn and now too big tops and dresses.

It feels great to have purged again. I can wash everything in 1-2 loads and put it away very quickly!!!

What I currently have (everything is black unless otherwise noted):

~ three pair of jeans (dark denim)
~ eight pair of capri jeggings (spring, summer, fall staple for me…black, denim, light denim and tan)
~ four pair of jean shorts (medium and dark stretch denim)
~ one swim skirted swimsuit (black multicolored floral), one swim bottom (black and white floral) that I wear with a strappy tank (charcoal and black)
~ one crochet swim coverup
~ one long yoga pant, one capri yoga pant (getting too big)
~ two pretty sleeveless tops with lace (navy and burgundy)
~ three less-casual long dresses (two black, one dark blue)
~ two short sleeve short tshirt dresses with hankie hems
~ seven sleeveless dresses (four new…clearance for $3 each!) that I use around the house, for sleep and for casual outings
~ eight new casual t-shirts (I’m about to vinyl half of them!) (four black, two eggplant and two jade green)
~ eight tanks with strappy backs, some new, some older
~ two bike shorts with lace trim that I used to wear under knee-length dresses but now rarely too
~ four dark colored bras
~ two light colored bras
~ one black cami
~ two new eggplant camis (for wearing under cardigans/dusters when it cools down)
~ 18ish black or burgundy comfy underwear
~ too many leggings and capri leggings to count in neutral and fun prints (winter staple for me)
~ two pair Birkenstocks but daughter adopted one; looking to replace soon
~ one pair of Vans
~ one pair of New Balance tennies
~ tall Steve Madden black boots that I can only wear very occasionally due to Plantar Fasciitis


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