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I officially have MASTERED Keto-friendly cold brew. I bought a $13 filter cone that fits a 2qt mason jar (anyone who knows me well knows I have a million mason jars of all shapes and sizes). I also bought Walmart brand coffee (I know, I know) in Mocha and Hazelnut. Just infused with flavorings, no added sugar or carbs.

Tom bought me Hershey’s Sugar-Free chocolate syrup and it’s SOOOOO good, very chocolatey and not overly sweet. So much so that you can’t really tell it’s got artificial sweetener. (I had bought Great Value brand and it is way too sweet and barely chocolatey.)

Anyhoo, I dilute the cold brew (you brew it strong and use as concentrate) to my liking, add a bit of heavy cream to taste and the syrup to taste. It doesn’t mix together well, so into the bullet blender it goes. It’s 100x better than Dunkin’s, which is better than Starbuck’s but both are gross compared to mine!! Add a few ice cubes and you have a frap. I also used to add protein powder to similar concoctions and will be trying that again tomorrow.

Cold brew doesn’t upset my stomach like regular coffees.

cold brew

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