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  • Aim for empty (or close to it!)…

    For years I went back and forth between stockpiling (bought with big savings) or just having enough to get through a certain period of time.  I decided a couple years ago that I was finished stockpiling, both with regards to food and household items.  I do make exceptions, like when canned pumpkin was on sale for…

  • Setting up a Minimalist Home

    I’m certain that my level of minimalism probably pales in comparison to others’ but for my family, our current level of minimalism is a huge improvement over the way we used to live. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, we’ve had to buy some things to help us acheive our minimalism goals at the new house.…

  • Low-Spend January Recap and Thoughts

    Um, where to begin?  I have so many thoughts about this past month’s “low-spend” experiment. I honestly went into this month believing that it’d be a great month that would allow me to “catch up” a bit and sock away some spending money.  Surely if I spent more cautiously (and didn’t have any major holidays…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 31

    Two year car registration renewal for hubby…$115.  🙂 Smog check…$27

  • Low-Spend January: Day 30

    Target – $200ish We really needed hampers!  $80 of it (plus tax) was hampers. And then some milk and produce and snacks. Most of the hampers were on sale online for $5.25 but rang up for $15 in store.  I bought four of those and they are now price-matching their site, so I’m going to try to…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 29

    I spent about $40 on books and some marketing templates…notably got Nourishing Traditions…which I’m loving!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 28

    Groceries: $200 I guess we gotta eat!  It’s more expensive sticking with primarily organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc.  Next month I’m getting some things from Azure Standard since we now have a nearby drop-point.  The organic, pastured, cultured butter is $3.50 a pound while I’m paying $2.50 a pound for conventional.  There are some really great…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 27

    Zilch!  Yay!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 26

    Ha!  Nothing!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 25

    Car Wash – $10 Prescriptions – $9.58 (metformin and my precious…xanax…which I hoard in case of times of extreme anxiety!  😉 )