Tag: Radical Simplicity

  • Resolutions for 2014

    I’m not a huge fan of New Years’ Resolutions.  They are really easy to break. It’s too simple to mess up on say, January 2, and then the whole list is shot to hell.  Am I right? That’s usually what happens to me.  The past several years, I’ve switched to goals that I start working…

  • Low-Spend January Recap and Thoughts

    Um, where to begin?  I have so many thoughts about this past month’s “low-spend” experiment. I honestly went into this month believing that it’d be a great month that would allow me to “catch up” a bit and sock away some spending money.  Surely if I spent more cautiously (and didn’t have any major holidays…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 31

    Two year car registration renewal for hubby…$115.  🙂 Smog check…$27

  • Low-Spend January: Day 30

    Target – $200ish We really needed hampers!  $80 of it (plus tax) was hampers. And then some milk and produce and snacks. Most of the hampers were on sale online for $5.25 but rang up for $15 in store.  I bought four of those and they are now price-matching their site, so I’m going to try to…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 29

    I spent about $40 on books and some marketing templates…notably got Nourishing Traditions…which I’m loving!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 28

    Groceries: $200 I guess we gotta eat!  It’s more expensive sticking with primarily organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc.  Next month I’m getting some things from Azure Standard since we now have a nearby drop-point.  The organic, pastured, cultured butter is $3.50 a pound while I’m paying $2.50 a pound for conventional.  There are some really great…

  • Low-Spend January: Day 27

    Zilch!  Yay!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 26

    Ha!  Nothing!

  • Low-Spend January: Day 25

    Car Wash – $10 Prescriptions – $9.58 (metformin and my precious…xanax…which I hoard in case of times of extreme anxiety!  😉 )

  • Low-Spend January: Day 24

    Taco Bell – $11 Petsmart (dog toy, calendar, magnet) – $24 Target – groceries and household – 104