So I missed logging a few days of my gratitude project, but I did jot my thoughts down on real paper 😉 over the past week…included them below.

Today I am grateful for a day to rest, cook and sew.   My kids have a friend over–he’s such a sweet boy and I’m happy he’s spending the afternoon with us.

Shabbot Shalom!  I’m planning on making something yummy for dinner.  Even though I’m not making challah it will still be a wonderful meal!

June 9 – Grateful for my loving husband and children.

June 10 – Grateful for a soft, new, comfy knit skirt.

June 11 – Grateful for my cooking skills.

June 12 – Grateful to get over a lifelong fear of performing/singing and be participating in Oliver!

June 13 – Grateful for the wonderful new friends my children are making.

June 14 – Grateful for the wonderful new friends I’M making.



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