Homemade Liquid Soap

It’s no secret I’m more than a little obsessed with essential oils!  I signed up with my essential oil company a couple years ago, primarily so I could order at wholesale prices.  I had used EOs for years before a friend introduced me to dōTERRA, but I had never felt comfortable taking them internally before I found these. Now I ingest EOs nearly daily.  But more about that later.

I created this recipe based on others I’d seen online.  I was too lazy to get to a computer when I wanted to make this, so I winged it a bit.  I am really happy with how well it works, particularly on burned-on grease!

I used 1/4 cup liquid castile (I have citrus and almond so I went with the citrus), 20 crops of a citrus blend and a tablespoon of orange blossom water I happened to have on hand from making bar soap.  It smells great and works so well.  I washed a whole sink of dishes, including a cookie sheet that had burned on bacon grease, and everything came clean so much more easily than when I use commercial dish soaps!

I also did an experiment where I took three pumps of this and added it to 6oz of water with 2oz of alcohol and it made a wonderful glass cleaner!

We are washing our hands with it too.  Another option for the dispensers is to use your favorite commercial soap as a base (like Method or Seventh Generation) and dilute it 50/50 and add EOs.  It might be an easier transition for doubting spouses, partners and teens!  (My 15yo son complains just to complain sometimes.)



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