Low-Spend June: Day 6

I baked bread and rolls.  The rolls were amazing and the bread was a little dense.  Or a lot dense.  It’s great for eating warmed with a little butter but a bit…um…dense for sandwiches.  I’m considering sticking with the roll recipe and making slightly larger rolls for sandwiches…and maybe experiementing with morphing it into a recipe that can stand up to being a loaf…

I went to Sprout’s where I spent $58.  It was mostly produce, a little cheese…honestly it was one of those “what did I get for $60?” trips if I’m really being truthful.  I tried very hard to be conscious of WHAT I was buying and WHY…and took Katie and Dakota to help me stay on track, but the results were still somewhat “meh.”  We did need fruits and veggies though…that’s one thing I don’t compromise on if I don’t absolutely have to.  I bought two $1.50 bags of cookies, a $2.50 container of gummy bears and a $4 container of chocolates.  So around $10 in “splurges.”

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