Low-Spend June: Day 13

Pre-camp breakast, $8.26 at Jack in the Box.  Their breakfast sandwiches are WAY overpriced.

I met my oldest for a scary Dr’s appointment that turned out not to be scary…we went to Ihop to celebrate.  She offered to treat but I didn’t want her to spend the $$, so I spent $28.

We needed a few things at Walmart…Aleve, hubby’s caffeine pills, a universal remote for his DVD player in his office…he doesn’t really understand the concept of waiting for things you don’t NEEEEEEED right then…hence the remote.  He works hard so I don’t force him to follow my rules when I do this.  And truthfully I spend a lot more than he does.  So, that’s how we ended up buying him two more pair of short, two pair of slacks and two more shirts…bringing our grand total to $146.  I’m just glad he likes Wrangler and doesn’t mind buying it at Walmart!

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