Thinking about that next visit…

Periods.  It’s a shame it’s still so taboo to talk about them, since all women of child-bearing age have to deal with this!

I mentioned we’re going to Disneyland next month for our 23rd anniversary.  This is only the third time in our 23 years of marriage that we’re going to be away from the kids overnight.  And one of those trips was a very small, “staycation” type trip which doesn’t even really count.  In 2015, Tom’s company flew us to San Antonio for two nights for an awards ceremony celebration and other than that…nada.  We didn’t even ever have a honeymoon.

So this trip is REALLY important to me.  Only caveat is that I think I’ll probably have my “monthly visitor” along for the ride.  :/   I’m ok with tampons…they work fairly well.  They are a bit irritating since my last pregnancy, because I have an extremely tipped uterus.  I use them but I need breaks, and to be comfy, I have to use Lights, which don’t hold a lot.  I love cloth pads but those are NOT a vacation-suitable solution, and I only have a few. They are comfy but don’t stay put well.  I hate other types of pads and liners.  I’ve been wanting to make my own “period panties” and even ordered the materials for the absorbent part…thinking I’d convert some of my more comfy undies.  That will take trial and error, and time I don’t currently have.  Last time I looked at period panties online, I couldn’t find any in plus sizes.  I checked again a few days ago, and yes…they now have plus-sizes!  Even with my recent weightloss I’m still in plus, and I HATE tight underwear so even if I wasn’t in plus, I probably would have sized up.

I ordered three pair.  You automatically get a 10% discount when you order three.  I also received $10 off.  They have free standard shipping, which i went with because my period and our trip are ~two weeks away.  I am trying the high-waist, hip hugger and boy short.  It was $89 out the door.

That’s a lot more than tampons…I spend $7 a box and a box lasts 2-3 months.  But…this isn’t that much more than quality unders.  I only pay about $5/pair for MY Walmart unders, but hey…these are dual-purpose.  They will last FOREVER because they’ll only be worn a few times per month, not daily.  And I’ll follow the instruction and wash in a lingerie bag and air dry.  They have a satisfaction guarantee and will refund any you aren’t happy with.  I’m hoping I’ll love at least one style, but that all three will work for me.  I’m assuming the size I ordered will work, but I’ll exchange if not.

As soon as they arrive and I try them on, I’ll do an update.  And another once I really get to try them.  In the meantime, if you can’t wait to try them, I’ll get a credit and you’ll get $10 off if you use my affiliate link.  😀


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